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Workplace One

By Straticom

The client provides premier boutique office spaces in the most vibrant and innovative neighbourhoods of Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo. With this in mind, the new office space had to cater to a diverse group of occupants and needs, while still maintaining a sense of working order and functionality. The design intent was to develop a unique and vibrant space that was reflective of the surrounding neighbourhood in order to appeal to the target demographic. In this case, Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood boasts an extensive array of interesting and inviting spaces which we drew inspiration from in creating the design for this space. The vision was to create an environment that relates to the vivacious and eclectic backdrop of historic buildings, trendy restaurants and patios in the Queen West district. It was about creating a connection to the surrounding neighborhood and paying homage to its culture. The floor plate offered a few unique challenges that needed to be accounted for: access to natural light, filtering natural light into spaces set on core walls, connections to the outside for occupants and uneven subflooring due to past use of space; all of which needed a solution that would not exceed the reserved budget.

The space had to offer a residential feel while still supporting typical day to day office tasks. In order to achieve this, a multitude of elements were incorporated in order to weave the design. Greenery was integrated throughout the ceiling, walls and freestanding elements to reinforce an indoor/outdoor connection. Eclectic use of textures, colours and patterns had been used to create a fresh, yet fun space that connects the users with natural elements and creates a sense of comfort. As a stark contrast to the fluid and inviting physical aesthetics of the space, the office and service areas offered were created to be very utilitarian and functional. We wanted to create a very methodical floor plan that was very simple to navigate in order to eliminate wayfinding issues. This was achieved by creating long blocks of offices with centralized support spaces that were easily accessible for each cluster of offices. Within these long blocks of offices, glass partitions were added between offices to help mitigate the issue of access to natural light. This solved the problem and allowed all offices to have some connection to natural daylighting. To help create a sense of interest and break up the repetition of offices and glazing, a custom design was created using the budget friendly poured tile carpet line. It assisted in bringing colour and life into the workstation area while also having the added benefit of being very forgiving where subfloors were uneven, due to the nature of the angled, intersecting design.

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    Toronto, ON
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    Toronto, ON
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