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Trend Micro

By M Moser Associates

The client as a Global Company wanted to demonstrate their world coverage by theming rooms and spaces. As a result, the main challenge was to maintain a cohesive design flow as you moved around the interior.

This is a destination for the client’s customers and employees to have amazing user experiences. The design integrates different scenes to create feelings of harmony, comfort and stimulation. The users’ needs to share knowledge and showcase expertise have been met through carefully curated workspace that is dynamic, energetic, adaptable and multicultural. The overall design was inspired by the end user’s vision to be a company for the global community, embracing nature and diversity of culture. The design weaves elements of history, texture, art and crafts from multiple continents, giving the wider sense of belonging to their employees with varied cultures and beliefs. Shaw’s wide range of products allowed us to resolve any design issues without compromising the methodology of the design.

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