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By STG Design

The client’s goal was to have a high design workspace that would fit seamlessly into any international market. The challenges emerged while creating a finish that not only demonstrated success and permeance of the client but which also reflected the fluctuation and flexibility needed in the current market. To create a space that is both permanent and established while reflecting an openness and modularity was a unique issue to solve. Along with these aesthetic and emotional asks, we were also constrained in imposing minimal permanent construction on the original space.

With the initial task of creating a space that reflected a stable yet adaptable space, the original concept of a completely open plan space was toned back to a warm, minimalist space. Through the application of glass divides and staggered overlapping lighting, we were able to establish an open yet contained, distinctive areas. The Subtle Blend rug was crucial in providing weight and density to the design. It unifies a unique and open space while being as sensitive as possible to the client’s initial requests of minimal permanent imposition on the building.

  • Project Location
    Nashville, TN
  • Firm Name
    STG Design
  • Firm Location
    Nashville, TN
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