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BPX Energy Headquarters

By Stantec

The client selected Denver for the new headquarters to grow their onshore oil and gas business in the Rocky Mountains. The mission was to create a 138,000-square-foot workplace that provided unique solutions to the typical corporate office within a newly developed building. The desire was for an environment that was unique, authentic, inclusive, and one of a kind. Natural and rich finishes provide a comfortable and welcoming environment. The project is also perusing LEED and FitWel certification.

The building had already begun construction when design started for the client’s interiors. Working in tandem with the core/shell team, elements of the building were modified to custom fit the interior design: Operable glass walls were added at the façade to connect to the exterior. Portions of the slab were left unfilled to accommodate the two-story “Nest” and a three-story connecting stair. The Base, a multi-functional gathering space features moveable glass walls that open to the Platte River, a bar-top seating area, custom-artisan aspen canopy, media wall, fireplace, and ping-pong tables that convert to conventional tables. The “Unity Café”, a cafeteria space with a 52-foot-long table created from a single tree. The tree was salvaged from a Steamboat Springs farm after it was destroyed in a lightning strike. Adjacent, is a reception and three-story “X” staircase modeled after drilling rigs used in the oil and gas industry. The reception features a large fireplace and comfortable seating on top of inlaid Shaw broadloom, that relates to the layers of the earth as a cross section in drilling. The Nest, a two-story gathering space provides an unexpected retreat in the work environment. Suspended netting creates a “giant hammock” between the third and fourth floors, while large swings provide a unique place to lounge or work. The moss wall and floor-to-ceiling windows create a biophilia moment. The office space includes 240 custom demountable glass offices. Offices are grouped in 4-office clusters, with breakout space between offices to provide both privacy and team collaboration.

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    Denver, CO
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    Denver, CO
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