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Architectus Melbourne Studio

By Architectus

Collaboration is the core idea for the firm’s new studio; an idea expressed through shared spaces which effortlessly combine commercial and residential typologies, creating a warm and inviting workplace. Deliberate planning around the central hub and consideration of light, furniture and form attribute to the overall experiences of ‘creating’ and ‘wellbeing’. The building’s underlying structure is celebrated by stripping it back, exposing original construction services and building details from 1983. The raw details are layered and divided by timber, textural carpet tiles, translucent curtains and task specific lighting, transpiring in an inspiring agile work environment. A series of spaces for a variety of tasks have been created and a casual ambience is alluded to through the varied workplace settings. The floor finishes identify and define the spaces, with the Shaw Drift Carpet Tile chosen for the formal workspace, complementing and contrasting texturally with the neighbouring concrete slab. The very densely activated workspace, is approximately 30% of the entire floor space, accommodating over 100 team members as they work together and independently at sit-and-stand adjustable workstations. The design process for the studio sought opportunities for sustainable design, construction and furniture selection where possible. From the outset, lighting was selected as an imperative sustainable initiative – light sensors were installed throughout the studio and the sensors respond to daylight levels, with significant savings to power consumption.

This is not a typical design studio, the lines between commercial and residential typologies are blurred. Designed to convey a relaxed and welcoming environment, and placing importance on wellbeing, the workspace also needed to provide the team members with many opportunities to choose how they would like to work and live within the studio. More people work in a flexible arrangement; therefore, workspace design needs to originate with teamwork, support diversity, and encourage wellbeing. A workspace environment which reflects some comforts of domesticity promotes a sense of belonging and nurtures partnerships. As designers, it is imperative the space reflected these ideologies. The considered space planning and attention to lighting have supported and accommodated the team as it grew by additional 40% since occupation. Economically the space adapted exceptionally well, productivity was maintained, with little to no disruption to the team. The design industry is unpredictable, we believe more industries are having to cater for a variety of conditions and circumstances, having a workspace which is successfully managing changing needs provides the team with a living portfolio of how to promote a truly agile workspace.

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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Melbourne, VIC
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